Spectral Starguider Explorien Remix V2

While working on the Spectral Starguider Explorien Remix V1, I got most of the way through making the changes to the theme and noticed that I didn’t have any more of the blue octagonal glass pieces that would be needed to complete the model the way I was originally imagining in my head. Obtaining more glass pieces was out of the question, so my thoughts turned to a different solution.

My experiment here was to change the theme from Blacktron II to Exploriens, so making the front ship look more like the Exploriens theme was my next step. The canopy piece on the front half of the ship is commonly used in Exploriens theme, along with the blue and red disc decoding technology for those fossils (that they are always finding without any kind of digging equipment). I like the Exploriens theme because they have lots of neat comms equipment like holo screens and satellites. Rockets (or maybe missiles) are featured in a few sets, but I made this set purely an exploration vehicle.

It was fun to utilize a few modern LEGO pieces in with the classic theme pieces of my favorite theme. The white tooth pieces make a nice accent to the wings. A lot of the good greebling was hidden under the rocket pieces on the side of the front pod. The part of the design I was most happy with was the detail on the top of the rear pod and the circular pad on the rear end which comes from 6815 – Hovertron.

This will not be my last kit in the Exploriens theme. For some reason, I was really into LEGO at 12 years old and these kits just hit me the right way. The idea of exploration for adventure’s sake. Not policing Outer Space, not Aliens in a UFO, just good old fashioned explorers out in the final frontier.