The Treasure Chamber

What kinds of treasure lie in wait for those brave enough to enter the Treasure Chamber?!?! Spooooky. The model I created was inspired by a feeling I was having while working through some personal issues. It was important for me to capture the feeling of trying to get to something you really value (a treasure) with the visual representation of what challenges you can face on the way to getting it.

Walking up a rickety wooden ramp, the intrepid explorer has no idea what awaits him inside.

Almost up the ramp now, getting to the imposing looking door.

The first test. Are you brave enough to open the scary door?

Congratulations! Passing the first obstacle, the explorer enters the foyer.

Another barred door is in the way, but what’s this? Treasure?

Let’s remove the roof for a better look inside.

Only one more door to open to find the treasure hidden inside.

Carefully opening the door, the explorer is now so close to his heart’s desire.

The door, the final obstacle, is almost open. What will our explorer find on the other side?

Oh No! Just as the explorer reached for the treasure chest, a trapdoor sprang open!

Scariness, fire, and death await below. Yikes!

In the pit below, there are sharks, alligators, and an eternal ring of fire!

The explorer screams in pain, “Oh Jeez! Why did I think getting that treasure would be so easy? The doors were unlocked and everything!?!?”

A wind rustles through the hallway, the door, still ajar, blows on its hinges.

CREAK! SNAP! KTHUNK! The Treasure chest closes its own lid and locks itself.

The wind changes direction and the inside door blows itself shut.

Another gust of wind closes the outside door with a SLAM!

A quiet calm settles back over the Treasure Chamber.

The screams of the explorer quickly fade, quieter and quieter…

Dismembered and forgotten, the explorer lives on as food for the pit monsters.

The eternal ring of fire burns up the body until there is nothing left and the cycle begins anew.

I had three main goals while putting this model together: Use the Trapdoor, use the jail cell doors, and create a ring of fire. I saw a post on Reddit about attaching the fire pieces together with the little stems near the base and I figured out the technique. Putting the treasure chest as the McGuffin came to me while I was sorting my recent scrap parts and found the extra gems from a Jurassic Park set that I bought. I really like to adhere to the LEGO standards of playability with my designs. The trapdoor would be the action feature advertised on the back of the box if you bought this in a store. Thanks for reading!