Space Themed Mini Racers

Did you play LEGO Racers back in the day? After I picked up these Mighty Micros, I was inspired to build Mini Racers themed on my favorite LEGO themes. I call them Mini Racers but they’re more closely based off Star Wars Speeder Bikes. Speeder bikes are a lot of fun to design and I started this project to try some new connection methods. My goal with building these was to experiment with using wrenches and bars to connect pieces in ways that allow fun angles and X-wing style shapes.

This first bike was inspired by Lobo’s motorcycle from DC Comics. Artists always draw it as having a long front end, usually tipped down at an angle. The front end of this Mini Racer was built to tip down in the front. As with my other models, I kept the play action of the red and blue colored fossil tiles with corresponding decoder discs.

M-Tron is probably my second favorite space theme from the 90’s. I used the base piece from 6811: Pulsar Charger as the seed piece for the front end of this Mini Racer. The play action for this set is the storage container in the back.

After building the M-Tron Mini Racer, I started brainstorming a third space theme so I had a trio of racers to display together. Creating this model was fun for me because I used as many of the transparent orange pieces as I could.

Racing through the canyons of an alien world, the ruins of a crashed UFO behind them, the LEGO Mini Racers cruise through the cosmos. Ever racing towards freedom…lol j/k. No reason for them to be racing, just some sweet designs I wanted to show off. Thanks for reading.