Explorien Mech II

If you’ve looked at any of my previous posts, it is apparent that I love the Explorien theme and want to design modern builds based on the short lived 90’s Space theme. After building an Exploriens themed mech, I wanted to build a bigger, more refined version. Official LEGO mechs and kits like the Space Mining Mech 31115 or one of the many Hulkbuster Iron Man Variations have been a big inspiration. I tried to design this mech to follow the color scheme of the Exploriens: Dark Gray helmet on top of a white, black and light gray body.

Features I really like about this build: Lots of Explorien Logos, using the dish base as a shield, incorporating the magnet as a hand option, using the Wing Plate Bi Level piece in a creative way.

Features I dislike about this build: very fiddly, reinforcement of certain areas failed, the legs barely stay attached to the torso, the front of the torso with the cockpit piece is barely connected to the model, head is permanently pointed down.

This build has earned a place on my shelf for now, next to the other mechs I’ve built recently. If you’ve read this far, thanks for being you. Rock on.