Explorien Deep Freeze Defender MOC

This MOC is based on the 6973 Deep Freeze Defender, combined with 6982 Explorien Starship in a delightful mashup of classic and recent LEGO pieces. The clear slopes and neon green trim pieces added since the original Explorien kits were released really add a modern take to the model. 

I like to build these models to the old LEGO ideals of the time they come from. Sets back then came with a play action such as the magnets, garage doors, cockpits, and more. I especially like the fossil decoding mini-game included with the red and blue discs. The Exploriens were decoding ancient messages from long lost civilizations using their decoder technology, something I really appreciate as a techy kid today. They also pioneered the usage of video call screens as shown by the inside of the garage bay in the back. The Exploriens were years ahead of their time, even back then.