Palm Springs Mall and Indio Fashion Mall Video

Visiting the Coachella Valley is a lot of fun. Jamie surprised me to a trip out there for a romantic weekend getaway when we first got serious as a couple and it was a great time. Since then, we’ve been out there a few times and during our latest trip, we had to make time to record the two dead malls in the area. First there was Palm Springs Mall: a mall that we could only tour from the outside as the doors were locked and there were cops patrolling one of the mall entrances. Second, we toured the Indio Fashion Mallwhich is not far from the Palm Springs Mall. Also known as Fiesta Mall for a time, Indio Fashion Mall is a classic dead mall. The dead Gottschalks at the far end of a mall has become one of my favorite defining features of a dead mall. Coin racers and raggedy fountains are probably next on the list of favorite dead mall scenery. This mall even had skylights filled in over the years, probably because it was cheaper to put up a wall than maintain stained glass. While I don’t fault the owners, it looks cheap and lame.

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